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At last, its been a long summer of problems hunting me and my teammates. I lost one of the most importent Teammates and gained another. But its been mostly time spent alone in the garage lately.

On Tallhed we had a new built engine, Still 516 CUI but with upgraded Venolia rods, Larger BB2 extra brodix heads, new jesel valvetrain.

Neal chance provided me with a new stator that worked better than the last one. The Tranny was serviced with a new tailshaft bearing after 3 runs 1/16 runs.

I also mounted on  a fresh set of Hoosier 34.5 slicks. (lots of bolts on a converter/wheel ;))

We went our first 400m pass with the car and then started to add small things. (the passes below are these that gained something. We did 12 passes total)

8.34/254 (6000 rpms shifts 2 psi off line 4400 Transbrake 8 psi total)
8.11/265 (6500 rpms shifts 2 psi off line 4400 Transbrake 8 psi total)
7.99/284 (7000 rpms shifts 4 psi off line 4600 Transbrake 8psi total)
7.65/299 (7200 rpms shifts 6 psi off line 5000 Transbrake  8psi total)
7.63/303 (7500 rprms shifts 8 psi off line 5400 Transbrake 11psi total)
7.58/306 (7800 rpms shifts 8 psi off line 5600 Transbrake 18psi total)

On the last two passes i gained more and more heat in my intake and start spinning the tires oout of the hole. So we have to do some minor change and well get back again. Kjula next weekend will be our next stop before Tierps end of season race.