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Brillko & Roine on Tour 2018

Guldsponsor Streetweek 2017

Brillko Engineering sponsrar Streetweek 2017 som Guldsponsor. Vi tror stenhårt på detta event och kommer förutom att deltaga med 3 bilar, hjälpa ett 20 tal kunder nu även hjälpa aktörerna bakom eventet med finansiella medel. Tack för att ni kunder ger oss möjligheten att genomföra detta!Brillko Engineering_Streetweek_AD

New personal bests

Tierp arena got my first 6 second run. With alot of problems to launch without shaking tires i managed to go down the full track on a 6.62/348km/h run. We will be sorting out our 60-foot issues on Kjula this weekend Before Winter is here and im pretty sure youll se some very low 6s runs next year!



New personal best 4.39


I just got my new EPM (Engine position module) made. Its a 24:1 dual optical hall effect sensor. Using 12 teeth for crank and 1 for cam. I will only use it for cam sync right now as my holley efi does not support that kind of triggering setup right now. (will be there soon)

We used an old mag drive and mounted the AEM EPM on it. Really nice and steady piece.

Of course it was Daniel Broman again that made it happen.

WP_20130428_002 WP_20130428_003

New Rossler Th210PM is ready!

I got some pics from Marge today showing that my TH210 Rossler PM tranny is ready.

Its a 1.97 first gear with ProMod options and the new SFI case. This will support 4000+ HP and is the toughest tranny on the market now.

I will use my Browell SFI 6.3 Bell and the new Protorque converter.

You cant build a stronger driveline! I have  a Mark Williams 11″ rear and a 4″ steel / 1480 driveshaft.


1 2aWP_20130319_001

New Holley Dominator EFI

I have been working all this weekend with my new Holley Dominator Efi system. Its alot of cableing because i will also use my EFI for logging purpose. Hoping to find som sheetmetal of aluminium to do a new panel and mount all boxes on it.

So i installed:

4x NTK Lambda
Fuel Press
Oil Press
Trans Press
Oil Temp
Trans Temp
DS Speed
Map, Iat
Cam/Crank trigger (Hall)
Boost Control, Dome pressure sensor
Bumpbox BB300

Im waiting for my TPS ans 8 coils so i can finish it up. I will be using a HP Elitepad 900 with Windows 8 as a dash instead of gauges.

WP_20130328_001 WP_20130401_005 WP_20130401_007 WP_20130401_008


Some painted intake and covers.

A new Browell can and some small stuff…WP_20130325_001 WP_20130325_004

V__A7AD WP_20130319_001 WP_20130319_002 WP_20130320_002

Headers are ready

We got the car home today from hacke racing. Excellent work as always. Missing the blow off valves but will install 3″ units from PPF.

WP_20130302_002 WP_20130302_004 WP_20130302_005 WP_20130302_012 WP_20130302_013 WP_20130303_001 WP_20130303_002

Headers for twin 91:s

This post will just show briefly how the header buildup proceeds. I will add pics as i get them so just come back for more.

Builder is Christoffer @ hacke racing.

V__4D2A V__B7A2V__9F93 V__7692V__F790