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Brillko & Roine on Tour 2018

Guldsponsor Streetweek 2017

Brillko Engineering sponsrar Streetweek 2017 som Guldsponsor. Vi tror stenhårt på detta event och kommer förutom att deltaga med 3 bilar, hjälpa ett 20 tal kunder nu även hjälpa aktörerna bakom eventet med finansiella medel. Tack för att ni kunder ger oss möjligheten att genomföra detta!Brillko Engineering_Streetweek_AD

New rear shocks.

All season we struggled with traction and shake. Our shocks was way off for the settings we needed. I Contacted Chris Bell and he set us up with Penskes new 8760 shocks with custom valveing for a turbo promod car like mine.


New personal bests

Tierp arena got my first 6 second run. With alot of problems to launch without shaking tires i managed to go down the full track on a 6.62/348km/h run. We will be sorting out our 60-foot issues on Kjula this weekend Before Winter is here and im pretty sure youll se some very low 6s runs next year!



New personal best again 4.36

New personal best 4.39

New Crank trigger

Daniel “fräsarn” Broman set us up with a new battery of cranktriggers! Awesome quality on work as usual!



WP_20130710_003 WP_20130710_004 WP_20130710_005

Kjula 29-30 June

We had varied problems on track. First of all we changed our crank trigger setup and it didnt work that well on high RPM and large converter pressures.

We also broke some pushrods and adjuster screws in our stage 5 intake rockers. Jöran Persåker let us visit his shop around midnight to get some new! We changed our Good years that we had some issues with, They shake alot! The new M/T tires was alot better.

No times this weekend to report due to no full passes.

IMG_5940 IMG_5938 _MG_0588

Second run went good but more to come.

Brillko spin out at Tierp Arena

Brillko spinning out because of an oil line breaking off and spreading oil all over the engine , wheels and track.