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New rear shocks.

All season we struggled with traction and shake. Our shocks was way off for the settings we needed. I Contacted Chris Bell and he set us up with Penskes new 8760 shocks with custom valveing for a turbo promod car like mine.


New Crank trigger

Daniel “fräsarn” Broman set us up with a new battery of cranktriggers! Awesome quality on work as usual!



WP_20130710_003 WP_20130710_004 WP_20130710_005

Brillko spin out at Tierp Arena

Brillko spinning out because of an oil line breaking off and spreading oil all over the engine , wheels and track.

Finally started!

Engine fired right up, the holley efi is Amazing!


Wraped up!

WP_20130526_001 WP_20130526_002 DJ2_2517Here you can see how the wrapping went. Its JF bildekor that made the work. Its been raining all day but there will be sun soon! So i can take it outside for better photos.

Almost there

Engine went Into its bay the final time. Now its time to fire her up! 🙂

We welded all small holes in our firewall so now its tight.

I’m also a proud father of my new born daughter Melissa.

Holley boost control

Installed the boost control function today with 2 boost solenoids controlling add/decrease press on top of wastegate domes. It also have a map sesnor that senses dome pressure.

This is a closed loop system so i just add what dome pressure i need and the ECU does the rest.

This is a demo Movie below of how a ramping boost vs time can be on a promod car.

Boost can also be set in stages, per gear, speed or complete manual. It has a Transbrake stage built-in with a boost builder function.



Hotside build

Car was delivered to hacke racing for some new headers, downpipes and coldside. We will be using a 2.5″ piping on headers an 3.5″ on coldside.

Many parts are still arriving but I hope this engine will be assembled in early march so we can do some dyno runs on it before first race in tierp arena in mid may.

New Tranny and Converter

I left my clutch-plans with the 10.5″ crower and 3 speed lenco. It didn´t felt right with all the extra work and mayby a performanceloss over the Rossler/Protorque combo?

So this week i called Carl Rossler up and ordered my new TH210 ProMod with the all new REID 4.1 case and a Browell 6.3 bell. Safety is my new thing??? Looks so when checking my bank account…

Pro Torque got involved and is building me a revolution series converter that will slip 2-3% and still being easy on stall.

Fogmaker sent me their new fire suspression systems that will be SFI compliant in march. Made in Sweden!

Steve Morris is making me a “easy on valvetrain” cam that will work good and produce 3000+ HP.

Comp Turbo sent out my new 91mm tripple ball bearing lightweight turbos this week. Should be here soon!

Car will be shipped to Johan “Lillis” next week for making motorplates and other stuff so i can mount the new hemi.

After “Lillis” is finished it will be shipped to our master hotside builder. Christoffer “Hacke”. Se pic for ideas how we want them placed.

201210072014041 article_mad6 ProTorque-AdDragIll_11-12-2012 ReidT400L ReidT400R ReidT400Top

New Engine

I wanted to post a “little” update between the two Tierp events that i compete in.

I felt that my bigblock chevy project has become a dead end and has looked into Hemi land. This week i took the step and bought a Keith Black/BAE hemi for next years racing.

“Fräsarn” will make me a new intake Manifold and Hacke racing provides me with new hots/coldside. This engine will skip the intercooler and just run on alky!

I will be selling blower, hat, fuel system, mag44 and boxes. Let me know on if interested in something.

I provide some pics of it as it sits today.