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New personal best again 4.36

Kjula 29-30 June

We had varied problems on track. First of all we changed our crank trigger setup and it didnt work that well on high RPM and large converter pressures.

We also broke some pushrods and adjuster screws in our stage 5 intake rockers. Jöran Persåker let us visit his shop around midnight to get some new! We changed our Good years that we had some issues with, They shake alot! The new M/T tires was alot better.

No times this weekend to report due to no full passes.

IMG_5940 IMG_5938 _MG_0588

Second run went good but more to come.

Second qualifying coming up


Race ready. Time for first run with the new engine and setup.

Last minute checks.

Brillko mapping the engine before first qualifying. Other issues found so we skipped the first round.

Finally at first race of the year

We are now at Tierp Arena ready for race.

First some smaller issues to take care of and also wait for the weather to be better.

Brillko Racing



A rainy Tierp Arena. Not much racing today. But will be better tomorrow.

Top Fuel engine

Top Fuel chassi

Crusing the depot

Leanders TMFC

The all new Pit Stop at Tierp Arena

New personal best at Tallhed.

We went to Tallhed after some bad runs at Tierp arena. New oil, tighter converter and more oil in tranny was our solution on the slipping problem. It worked well and we left the line on our first line hard. But after a short while my Throttle body shaft broke and cut air off… After a walk around talking to other teams we found a new one!. Thanks Thunderrace for saving weekend again!

Run 2 we did a personal best. It was 6 years since i did that! Car felt weak though. I only had 17.5 Psi of boost and left the line on 14. So there will be some gains later on.

Car is parked until next event at Tierp arena.


Race update Tierp Arena 12-13 May 2012

Back for some track testing and my new C1 licens.

We started out with a easy 1 gear run to check out logs and let “Ärtan” do some tuning and got back to Q2. Here i was supposed to do a 201m run but i held down to 402m. Went a 7,84/293km/h 1.14 60-foot. Converter felt loose and it was only on 0,85 bar.

On third run we gave it a little more boost and lost traction. Converter now stalled over 7500…

In E1 i lost against Kristian Adeens volvo with a 0.017 redlight.

We need to do a stator change and get my injectors to Moran motorsports for service. My 1680cc injectors is near 90% duty now.

//B rillko

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Race update Kjula 17-18 september

After Tallhed we made som upgrades on springs and put on a new cold air intake duct. Thought that it would help to get lower IAT:s

Tryed with 3 different boost settings but no luck with either. Goes the same speed with 11 psi as 20.  Engine misses alot when we go higher. We will change some in our Ignition/Ecu setup to next race and we will come back faster.

Best 60-foot this event was 1.08, 7.70 ET with 175mph.

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On the track again! Tallhed 3-4 sept 2011

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At last, its been a long summer of problems hunting me and my teammates. I lost one of the most importent Teammates and gained another. But its been mostly time spent alone in the garage lately.

On Tallhed we had a new built engine, Still 516 CUI but with upgraded Venolia rods, Larger BB2 extra brodix heads, new jesel valvetrain.

Neal chance provided me with a new stator that worked better than the last one. The Tranny was serviced with a new tailshaft bearing after 3 runs 1/16 runs.

I also mounted on  a fresh set of Hoosier 34.5 slicks. (lots of bolts on a converter/wheel ;))

We went our first 400m pass with the car and then started to add small things. (the passes below are these that gained something. We did 12 passes total)

8.34/254 (6000 rpms shifts 2 psi off line 4400 Transbrake 8 psi total)
8.11/265 (6500 rpms shifts 2 psi off line 4400 Transbrake 8 psi total)
7.99/284 (7000 rpms shifts 4 psi off line 4600 Transbrake 8psi total)
7.65/299 (7200 rpms shifts 6 psi off line 5000 Transbrake  8psi total)
7.63/303 (7500 rprms shifts 8 psi off line 5400 Transbrake 11psi total)
7.58/306 (7800 rpms shifts 8 psi off line 5600 Transbrake 18psi total)

On the last two passes i gained more and more heat in my intake and start spinning the tires oout of the hole. So we have to do some minor change and well get back again. Kjula next weekend will be our next stop before Tierps end of season race.