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After our race in Söderhamn we was sure that Tierp Arena in late july will provide us with some good track times. Why? New comp turbos in place, a new updated stator from Neal chance and fresh tires. There was only warmups left to do before loading the trailer. But i wanted to do some services on the engine at home. New oil/filter sparkplugs, leakdown and lash. When changing my oil i alwasy split the pan and we found some larges problems. A rod and bearing was broken and the crank needed a grind.

So i took the crank/rods/pistons to Värmdö motorteknik for the job. But there was no way to use the broken rod again so i gave them free hands to fix the crank and re-balance it for my venolia aluminum rods.

Then it took quite a while for my freight company to deliver new bearings and other stuff from Mike lewis in Usa. He managed to get me all the stuff needed in 2 days and sent me it with a 1-3 day shipping. It took 2 weeks! To bad. I started to assemble everything this week but found problems on the new heads i bought. The springs have  a to large outer diameter so they hit my rockers.

Bolted on my usual canfields instead and took a leakdown to check everything but they leaked alot on some intakes. So they are off again and will be delivered to a shop for service.

I hope to get out and do some racing soon. But this year has been nothing but sad!

Stefan  @ Brillko racing