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Second run went good but more to come.

Brillko spin out at Tierp Arena

Brillko spinning out because of an oil line breaking off and spreading oil all over the engine , wheels and track.


Race ready. Time for first run with the new engine and setup.

Last minute checks.

Brillko mapping the engine before first qualifying. Other issues found so we skipped the first round.

Finally at first race of the year

We are now at Tierp Arena ready for race.

First some smaller issues to take care of and also wait for the weather to be better.

Brillko Racing



A rainy Tierp Arena. Not much racing today. But will be better tomorrow.

Top Fuel engine

Top Fuel chassi

Crusing the depot

Leanders TMFC

The all new Pit Stop at Tierp Arena

Wraped up!

WP_20130526_001 WP_20130526_002 DJ2_2517Here you can see how the wrapping went. Its JF bildekor that made the work. Its been raining all day but there will be sun soon! So i can take it outside for better photos.