Our car was raceready last week but there was no races to go to. So we decided to go to Söderhamn for 1/8 test&tune this saturday.

We had a new Transmission , Driveshaft with 1480 joints, new fabricated wishbone and driveshaft safety items on rear end and in car.

I also had a discussion with Neal chance for a stator change and we had the new stator in for this test&tune.

The first two runs were made with no boost of the line and i found no grip at all. The converter felt very loose even on 13 psi. For run #3 i tested to build boost and when i left the starting line i was on my shiftlight. The converter stalled 7800 rpms. ;(

So we are going back to our old stator and will be testing again 29-30 july @ Tierp Arena.