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New turbos are here!

Here is my lovely power adders. Twin 91mm Comp Turbo. Cheramic ball bearings, lightweight. Will be nice!

Slowmo starts

New intake for my hemi.

“Fräsarn” that built my sheetmetal Chevy intake is in the process of this new manifold. We will use the Blower bottom part this time to save time/Money. But it will be a new plenum and Twin integrated throttlebodies. Billet of course!

New supporter T-Shirts!

Hi everyone.

I have this seasons T-shirts ready for shipping. They are avaible in black or white and in S, M , L, XL size.

If you want one, Add 200SEK in an envelope and also add your Shipping address and the size/color you want.

Send it to:
Stefan Gustafsson
Rökärrsvägen 1
13648 Handen

If you have problems, just send me an email to


For Sale. 120Lbs injectors.

Trickflow 120Lbs  injectors. Set of 8 but can be splitted into smaller sets. 500 SEK each.

Low Ohm, Peak n Hold. 1265cc. Made of stainless steel so they can be used with all gasoline, E85 or methanol fuels.


For Sale. Prosystem SV1

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I got this carb from Mike Lewis@ Lewis race engines today. Its a Prosystems SV1 carb. It is a E85 setup for a 500cui+ bigblock. Streetrace/dragrace/Cruiser.

The owner has a tunnelram on it today with twin dominators but wanted a cleaner look, easier to tune and less fuel stops. We felt that the SV1 was the best solution to keep it simple and not lose to much horsepower.

Have a look at Patricks magic.

Driver – Stefan “Brillko Gustafsson

Stefan Gustafsson

Driver/Owner of Brillko Racing

34 years old IT-technician working at a Swedish municipality.