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Second qualifying coming up


Race ready. Time for first run with the new engine and setup.

Last minute checks.

Brillko mapping the engine before first qualifying. Other issues found so we skipped the first round.

Finally at first race of the year

We are now at Tierp Arena ready for race.

First some smaller issues to take care of and also wait for the weather to be better.

Brillko Racing



A rainy Tierp Arena. Not much racing today. But will be better tomorrow.

Top Fuel engine

Top Fuel chassi

Crusing the depot

Leanders TMFC

The all new Pit Stop at Tierp Arena

Finally started!

Engine fired right up, the holley efi is Amazing!


Wraped up!

WP_20130526_001 WP_20130526_002 DJ2_2517Here you can see how the wrapping went. Its JF bildekor that made the work. Its been raining all day but there will be sun soon! So i can take it outside for better photos.

Almost there

Engine went Into its bay the final time. Now its time to fire her up! 🙂

We welded all small holes in our firewall so now its tight.

I’m also a proud father of my new born daughter Melissa.


I just got my new EPM (Engine position module) made. Its a 24:1 dual optical hall effect sensor. Using 12 teeth for crank and 1 for cam. I will only use it for cam sync right now as my holley efi does not support that kind of triggering setup right now. (will be there soon)

We used an old mag drive and mounted the AEM EPM on it. Really nice and steady piece.

Of course it was Daniel Broman again that made it happen.

WP_20130428_002 WP_20130428_003

New Rossler Th210PM is ready!

I got some pics from Marge today showing that my TH210 Rossler PM tranny is ready.

Its a 1.97 first gear with ProMod options and the new SFI case. This will support 4000+ HP and is the toughest tranny on the market now.

I will use my Browell SFI 6.3 Bell and the new Protorque converter.

You cant build a stronger driveline! I have  a Mark Williams 11″ rear and a 4″ steel / 1480 driveshaft.


1 2aWP_20130319_001

Holley boost control

Installed the boost control function today with 2 boost solenoids controlling add/decrease press on top of wastegate domes. It also have a map sesnor that senses dome pressure.

This is a closed loop system so i just add what dome pressure i need and the ECU does the rest.

This is a demo Movie below of how a ramping boost vs time can be on a promod car.

Boost can also be set in stages, per gear, speed or complete manual. It has a Transbrake stage built-in with a boost builder function.



New Holley Dominator EFI

I have been working all this weekend with my new Holley Dominator Efi system. Its alot of cableing because i will also use my EFI for logging purpose. Hoping to find som sheetmetal of aluminium to do a new panel and mount all boxes on it.

So i installed:

4x NTK Lambda
Fuel Press
Oil Press
Trans Press
Oil Temp
Trans Temp
DS Speed
Map, Iat
Cam/Crank trigger (Hall)
Boost Control, Dome pressure sensor
Bumpbox BB300

Im waiting for my TPS ans 8 coils so i can finish it up. I will be using a HP Elitepad 900 with Windows 8 as a dash instead of gauges.

WP_20130328_001 WP_20130401_005 WP_20130401_007 WP_20130401_008