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New Crank trigger

Daniel “fräsarn” Broman set us up with a new battery of cranktriggers! Awesome quality on work as usual!



WP_20130710_003 WP_20130710_004 WP_20130710_005

Kjula 29-30 June

We had varied problems on track. First of all we changed our crank trigger setup and it didnt work that well on high RPM and large converter pressures.

We also broke some pushrods and adjuster screws in our stage 5 intake rockers. Jöran Persåker let us visit his shop around midnight to get some new! We changed our Good years that we had some issues with, They shake alot! The new M/T tires was alot better.

No times this weekend to report due to no full passes.

IMG_5940 IMG_5938 _MG_0588

Almost there

Engine went Into its bay the final time. Now its time to fire her up! 🙂

We welded all small holes in our firewall so now its tight.

I’m also a proud father of my new born daughter Melissa.

Holley boost control

Installed the boost control function today with 2 boost solenoids controlling add/decrease press on top of wastegate domes. It also have a map sesnor that senses dome pressure.

This is a closed loop system so i just add what dome pressure i need and the ECU does the rest.

This is a demo Movie below of how a ramping boost vs time can be on a promod car.

Boost can also be set in stages, per gear, speed or complete manual. It has a Transbrake stage built-in with a boost builder function.