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New personal best at Tallhed.

We went to Tallhed after some bad runs at Tierp arena. New oil, tighter converter and more oil in tranny was our solution on the slipping problem. It worked well and we left the line on our first line hard. But after a short while my Throttle body shaft broke and cut air off… After a walk around talking to other teams we found a new one!. Thanks Thunderrace for saving weekend again!

Run 2 we did a personal best. It was 6 years since i did that! Car felt weak though. I only had 17.5 Psi of boost and left the line on 14. So there will be some gains later on.

Car is parked until next event at Tierp arena.


Race update Tierp Arena 12-13 May 2012

Back for some track testing and my new C1 licens.

We started out with a easy 1 gear run to check out logs and let “Ärtan” do some tuning and got back to Q2. Here i was supposed to do a 201m run but i held down to 402m. Went a 7,84/293km/h 1.14 60-foot. Converter felt loose and it was only on 0,85 bar.

On third run we gave it a little more boost and lost traction. Converter now stalled over 7500…

In E1 i lost against Kristian Adeens volvo with a 0.017 redlight.

We need to do a stator change and get my injectors to Moran motorsports for service. My 1680cc injectors is near 90% duty now.

//B rillko

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On the track again!

Our car was raceready last week but there was no races to go to. So we decided to go to Söderhamn for 1/8 test&tune this saturday.

We had a new Transmission , Driveshaft with 1480 joints, new fabricated wishbone and driveshaft safety items on rear end and in car.

I also had a discussion with Neal chance for a stator change and we had the new stator in for this test&tune.

The first two runs were made with no boost of the line and i found no grip at all. The converter felt very loose even on 13 psi. For run #3 i tested to build boost and when i left the starting line i was on my shiftlight. The converter stalled 7800 rpms. ;(

So we are going back to our old stator and will be testing again 29-30 july @ Tierp Arena.

Build update 23 April

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We got our hotsides coated and mounted. Weird performance & Coatings did a excellent work.

For Sale. 120Lbs injectors.

Trickflow 120Lbs  injectors. Set of 8 but can be splitted into smaller sets. 500 SEK each.

Low Ohm, Peak n Hold. 1265cc. Made of stainless steel so they can be used with all gasoline, E85 or methanol fuels.

Email: Brillko@hotmail.com

For Sale. Prosystem SV1

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I got this carb from Mike Lewis@ Lewis race engines today. Its a Prosystems SV1 carb. It is a E85 setup for a 500cui+ bigblock. Streetrace/dragrace/Cruiser.

The owner has a tunnelram on it today with twin dominators but wanted a cleaner look, easier to tune and less fuel stops. We felt that the SV1 was the best solution to keep it simple and not lose to much horsepower.

Have a look at Patricks magic. www.pro-systems.com

Build Update 8 March


Today Mikael, Jesper and I mounted the engine in the car. Looks Good.

New Turbos

Comp Turbo Billet 82mm

Here are my new turbos provided by www.compturbo.com. It’s their Comp turbo 82mm billet compressor. Billet center and backplate. Thripple ceramic ball bearings. It should provide me boost for easy 2000+ HP!

Thanks Justin and Joe  @ Compturbo for our partnership in marketing!

Build Update 27 February

Mikael, Tony and I mounted up my Billet crank. I took it out for polishing of the journals. When we mounted it back I increased my clearances with X bearings. I also chose the coated ones.

We test mounted my hotside and turbos… Looks good!

New Hotsides

This is my new hotsides provided by Hacke Racing in Linköping/Sweden. The piping is 2-1/8 in mild steel. Hacke Racing will soon provide me with a decent cold-side.