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New EFI and ignition.

I have been running AEM:s Ecu since 2006 and always been missfiring. Latetly around 7350Rpms and up.  My team and i have been changing trigger setups more often than underwear and have several setups in the dump bin.

After several years i bought a AEM EPM-module with 2 optical hall sensors for cam&crank trigger. It works awesome. After that we had timing issues instead and we have been trying several systems like DIS4, MSD 6, 7, 8, 10, digital 7 and the list goes on long… I have over 10 different coils on my list of “non-problem”-solvers.

My brother has spent 100+ hours trying to find errors in my setup. Countless threads on support forums, guys with oscilloscopes and more…

Today it was time to take it to the next level! And the guy @ Mekonomoen Vårby made it possible. Thanks alot!

I will send my car to Pure-performance´s shop in avesta to let Andreas Arthurson mount in a new Vipec v88 system with 8 methanol capable coils. He will wire it in and do the mapping for starters. With his knowledge im convinced that 6 second times will be possible this year and that maybe Murphy has left the building.

Thanks alot to Mekonomen Vårby and PPF for your support!

(Please vist http://www.facebook.com/pages/Mekonomen-V%C3%A5rby/151400924924672?ref=ts and like to show your Brillko Racing support!)

Stefan @ Brillko Racing

Safer than ever…

Had to upgrade my car for this seasons rules. So i added new seat insert, 20Lbs fire system, IPS-paddning for funnycar cage and a kevlar diaper.

I spend more money on safety every year than i put in my engine…

I remember times when Sex was safe and Racing was dangerous. 😉

Race update Kjula 17-18 september

After Tallhed we made som upgrades on springs and put on a new cold air intake duct. Thought that it would help to get lower IAT:s

Tryed with 3 different boost settings but no luck with either. Goes the same speed with 11 psi as 20.  Engine misses alot when we go higher. We will change some in our Ignition/Ecu setup to next race and we will come back faster.

Best 60-foot this event was 1.08, 7.70 ET with 175mph.

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New racebus

Me and my girl bought this transportation for her shoes and my racecar. Thats why its so large.

Total disaster!


Brillko. Racing was invited för some tests at Kjula Raceway.

We set for a massive burnout and in third gear @ 8300+ the journey stopped. We broke everything from Rear-end yoke to engine midplate. As a driver the instant stop, raining parts inside my car and something that hit my knee felt bad. I know direct that this would cost some money but not this much!

My father was the only one bleeding as he got a part from the drivetrain on his nose. So i guess after all we are a bit lucky in the family.

We will come back, And hoping to drive again very soon. I want to give a special thanks to Johanneshovs Plåtslageri AB for the extra support they gave on this incident. We still look for more sponsors to come back. Dont hesitate to send me an email for an open discussion.

Best Regards
Stefan @ Brillko racing