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New Crank trigger

Daniel “fräsarn” Broman set us up with a new battery of cranktriggers! Awesome quality on work as usual!



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New intake for my hemi.

“Fräsarn” that built my sheetmetal Chevy intake is in the process of this new manifold. We will use the Blower bottom part this time to save time/Money. But it will be a new plenum and Twin integrated throttlebodies. Billet of course!

Build Update 24 april

Here is some pictures of my coldside made by Daniel Broman @ http://www.fraesarn.se/.

Daniel will construct your dreams and make them real. Daniel is also responsible for my intake.

Sheetmetal Intake build

These are some pics of my intake. Many readers have commented on the forums and wanted to see building pics. So here you go.

The master behind this is Daniel Broman aka “Fräsarn”. He has a shop by himself and is building all sorts of stuff for racers. I contacted Daniel for a custom intake for my race car and I will never need a new one again. Daniel has customized it several times for my needs. Last time was for a front mount throttle body and 8 extra injectors.

If you want the best things avaible contact Daniel @ www.fraesarn.se. You can take a look at his work  from his galleries.