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New intake for my hemi.

“Fräsarn” that built my sheetmetal Chevy intake is in the process of this new manifold. We will use the Blower bottom part this time to save time/Money. But it will be a new plenum and Twin integrated throttlebodies. Billet of course!

Build Update 6 March

Today me and my colleague Per degreed my camshaft. Manufactorer specs of 112 deg intake centerline vas retarded to 115 to better match my intended usage. We also lashed the valves for start-up. On monday I will get the correct gaskets for my intake and the engine will go into my Camaro.

Today the spring pressures were measured and archived. They were between 220-240. My tool isn’t calibrated yet with the shims. But 230 met 250 on my friends machine. The spring pressures are low if  you compare to others race engines. Keep in mind that i rev 8600 on 20+ psi of boost!

Mike Lewis aka Wolfplace provided me with some good tools from LSM. Working with good tools is much easier.

I also provided my cam card. This webpage has no secrets… – The truth is out there. 😉