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New intake for my hemi.

“Fräsarn” that built my sheetmetal Chevy intake is in the process of this new manifold. We will use the Blower bottom part this time to save time/Money. But it will be a new plenum and Twin integrated throttlebodies. Billet of course!

New Engine

I wanted to post a “little” update between the two Tierp events that i compete in.

I felt that my bigblock chevy project has become a dead end and has looked into Hemi land. This week i took the step and bought a Keith Black/BAE hemi for next years racing.

“Fräsarn” will make me a new intake Manifold and Hacke racing provides me with new hots/coldside. This engine will skip the intercooler and just run on alky!

I will be selling blower, hat, fuel system, mag44 and boxes. Let me know on brillko@hotmail.com if interested in something.

I provide some pics of it as it sits today.

T&T @ Kjula raceway


This was our first outing this year. We had problems during warm-ups with the electronics. Took the Car back home to my garage for fix. Car is running now and We are heading for Malmö next Week. Malmö holds the first race in the Top doorslammer series.

Build Update 24 april

Here is some pictures of my coldside made by Daniel Broman @ http://www.fraesarn.se/.

Daniel will construct your dreams and make them real. Daniel is also responsible for my intake.

Build update 23 April

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We got our hotsides coated and mounted. Weird performance & Coatings did a excellent work.

Build Update 8 March


Today Mikael, Jesper and I mounted the engine in the car. Looks Good.

New Ignition

The latest within ignition tecnology from ICE Ignition Australia. It’s a 10AMP
ignition controller for my AEM ECU. I will use their 4200 series coil and a 24V
booster. With this I can run without an alternator and still have full power for
my ignition.

New Turbos

Comp Turbo Billet 82mm

Here are my new turbos provided by www.compturbo.com. It’s their Comp turbo 82mm billet compressor. Billet center and backplate. Thripple ceramic ball bearings. It should provide me boost for easy 2000+ HP!

Thanks Justin and Joe  @ Compturbo for our partnership in marketing!

Build Update 27 February

Mikael, Tony and I mounted up my Billet crank. I took it out for polishing of the journals. When we mounted it back I increased my clearances with X bearings. I also chose the coated ones.

We test mounted my hotside and turbos… Looks good!

New Trailer

My new trailer. Bought this in Denmark in mid february. I will have all my sponsors on both rear sides. Its 8×2.4m inside. Perfect racetrailer. We will use a Chevy 3500C pickup this summer for Towing… The little Citroen C4 had a hard time traveling from Denmark to Stockholm…