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New EFI and ignition.

I have been running AEM:s Ecu since 2006 and always been missfiring. Latetly around 7350Rpms and up.  My team and i have been changing trigger setups more often than underwear and have several setups in the dump bin.

After several years i bought a AEM EPM-module with 2 optical hall sensors for cam&crank trigger. It works awesome. After that we had timing issues instead and we have been trying several systems like DIS4, MSD 6, 7, 8, 10, digital 7 and the list goes on long… I have over 10 different coils on my list of “non-problem”-solvers.

My brother has spent 100+ hours trying to find errors in my setup. Countless threads on support forums, guys with oscilloscopes and more…

Today it was time to take it to the next level! And the guy @ Mekonomoen Vårby made it possible. Thanks alot!

I will send my car to Pure-performance´s shop in avesta to let Andreas Arthurson mount in a new Vipec v88 system with 8 methanol capable coils. He will wire it in and do the mapping for starters. With his knowledge im convinced that 6 second times will be possible this year and that maybe Murphy has left the building.

Thanks alot to Mekonomen Vårby and PPF for your support!

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Stefan @ Brillko Racing

Intercooler build

I wanted to cool my intake charge and sent my car to Johan “lillis” Samuelsson for my updates. “lillis” took care of everything and after 1,5 week the car was ready for rumble again.

The intercooler is a Precision PT2400 welded into a ice/water tank. We ran out of Vbands but i bought some more for next upgrade.

Have a look in the gallery!

Safer than ever…

Had to upgrade my car for this seasons rules. So i added new seat insert, 20Lbs fire system, IPS-paddning for funnycar cage and a kevlar diaper.

I spend more money on safety every year than i put in my engine…

I remember times when Sex was safe and Racing was dangerous. 😉

New racebus

Me and my girl bought this transportation for her shoes and my racecar. Thats why its so large.

Broken and broke!

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After our race in Söderhamn we was sure that Tierp Arena in late july will provide us with some good track times. Why? New comp turbos in place, a new updated stator from Neal chance and fresh tires. There was only warmups left to do before loading the trailer. But i wanted to do some services on the engine at home. New oil/filter sparkplugs, leakdown and lash. When changing my oil i alwasy split the pan and we found some larges problems. A rod and bearing was broken and the crank needed a grind.

So i took the crank/rods/pistons to Värmdö motorteknik for the job. But there was no way to use the broken rod again so i gave them free hands to fix the crank and re-balance it for my venolia aluminum rods.

Then it took quite a while for my freight company to deliver new bearings and other stuff from Mike lewis in Usa. He managed to get me all the stuff needed in 2 days and sent me it with a 1-3 day shipping. It took 2 weeks! To bad. I started to assemble everything this week but found problems on the new heads i bought. The springs have  a to large outer diameter so they hit my rockers.

Bolted on my usual canfields instead and took a leakdown to check everything but they leaked alot on some intakes. So they are off again and will be delivered to a shop for service.

I hope to get out and do some racing soon. But this year has been nothing but sad!

Stefan  @ Brillko racing

Build Update 24 april

Here is some pictures of my coldside made by Daniel Broman @

Daniel will construct your dreams and make them real. Daniel is also responsible for my intake.

Build update 23 April

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We got our hotsides coated and mounted. Weird performance & Coatings did a excellent work.

Build Update 8 March


Today Mikael, Jesper and I mounted the engine in the car. Looks Good.

Build Update 6 March

Today me and my colleague Per degreed my camshaft. Manufactorer specs of 112 deg intake centerline vas retarded to 115 to better match my intended usage. We also lashed the valves for start-up. On monday I will get the correct gaskets for my intake and the engine will go into my Camaro.

Today the spring pressures were measured and archived. They were between 220-240. My tool isn’t calibrated yet with the shims. But 230 met 250 on my friends machine. The spring pressures are low if  you compare to others race engines. Keep in mind that i rev 8600 on 20+ psi of boost!

Mike Lewis aka Wolfplace provided me with some good tools from LSM. Working with good tools is much easier.

I also provided my cam card. This webpage has no secrets… – The truth is out there. 😉

New Ignition

The latest within ignition tecnology from ICE Ignition Australia. It’s a 10AMP
ignition controller for my AEM ECU. I will use their 4200 series coil and a 24V
booster. With this I can run without an alternator and still have full power for
my ignition.