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On the track again!

Our car was raceready last week but there was no races to go to. So we decided to go to Söderhamn for 1/8 test&tune this saturday.

We had a new Transmission , Driveshaft with 1480 joints, new fabricated wishbone and driveshaft safety items on rear end and in car.

I also had a discussion with Neal chance for a stator change and we had the new stator in for this test&tune.

The first two runs were made with no boost of the line and i found no grip at all. The converter felt very loose even on 13 psi. For run #3 i tested to build boost and when i left the starting line i was on my shiftlight. The converter stalled 7800 rpms. ;(

So we are going back to our old stator and will be testing again 29-30 july @ Tierp Arena.

Total disaster!


Brillko. Racing was invited för some tests at Kjula Raceway.

We set for a massive burnout and in third gear @ 8300+ the journey stopped. We broke everything from Rear-end yoke to engine midplate. As a driver the instant stop, raining parts inside my car and something that hit my knee felt bad. I know direct that this would cost some money but not this much!

My father was the only one bleeding as he got a part from the drivetrain on his nose. So i guess after all we are a bit lucky in the family.

We will come back, And hoping to drive again very soon. I want to give a special thanks to Johanneshovs Plåtslageri AB for the extra support they gave on this incident. We still look for more sponsors to come back. Dont hesitate to send me an email for an open discussion.

Best Regards
Stefan @ Brillko racing

Malmö. Cramo nationals 20 may






At last after much headache, problems and other bad Things We are Here. Malmö holds the first event in this years series.

First run with the new car… 4500rpm max and no boost. Felt ok so we are going out for a second run in about an hour.

T&T @ Kjula raceway


This was our first outing this year. We had problems during warm-ups with the electronics. Took the Car back home to my garage for fix. Car is running now and We are heading for Malmö next Week. Malmö holds the first race in the Top doorslammer series.

Webb TV show 16 March

Today I was invited to be interviewed at “Motorsoffan Webb TV”. “Motorsoffan” is a web tv show where different themes around motor sports are discussed. This time it’s all about racers and I am one of three that will be interviewed.

The tv show will be held in Swedish, so I guess it will be hard for all international users to understand.

All Swedish fans, check it out on March 16th at 19.00:

Brillko Racing are proud to be there.

It can be seen afterwards here:

Brillko Racing 2011

Welcome to all race fans.

This is Brillko Racing and our race program for Scandinavian Top Doorslammer series 2011.

In 2011 we will race at the following race tracks:

Kjula 14-15 Maj “Test/tune”
Malmö 20-22 Maj “1”
Sundsvall 17-19 Juni “2”
Piteå 8-10 Juli “3”
Gardermoen 5-7 Aug “4”
Sundsvall 19-21 Aug “5”
Vansbro 27-28 Aug “Shootout”
Malmö 9-11 Sep “Final”